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Description :You found a great place for drifting

Description :

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You found a great place for drifting. Now start your engine and push the throttle very hard on the asphalt.

Your car is very powerful and tuned for drifting. You should follow the rings to on your way to reach to the finish line.

You are going to win if you can pass your previous records. Your competitor is a ghost car and driver is you. You are going to race against you.

With latest update, you are not alone in the game anymore. You can play with other real players online or against their best driving asynchronously.

You can watch your last driving at the end of the game.

Driving a car on the asphalt was never been such an exciting!

This is the best chance of you to improve your driving skills. There are 8 different tracks defined in the game and you have 60 seconds to complete each track.

This car racing game will make an addiction to you.

TIPS: Drifting and cracking crates will let you earn more scores.

WARNING: Ensure that your network connection is good if you wanna play online multiplayer racing.

Be hurry! It's time for drifting.


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